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100 Luxury Collection!


100 Luxury Collection: Fear can not buy a music library with you ?

Do not worry, the best practical music library

, The original price $ 4000 USD above , now just $ 1999 USD!


* Provide full rights to use / Global Region / No limitation of the

subject matter / permanent license

* Order will be accompanied by a power of attorney legal music ,

tracks can be replaced within 10

* This activity until the end of 2015 deadline


TEL: +886-2-82459495      
E-mail: musictimesv@gmail.com
Skype: zero0804


The following list ( can   click to listen )
Dynamic ad : Suitable for Introduction publicity / advertising films used in the speed bias / fast , bright tonality incentive
02018F 05050F
02003F 05030F
02007F 02016F
05051F 02002F
04028F 05019F
05009F 04014F
10006F 02029F
02023F  05066F
05069F 19036F
02030F 11041F
Dynamic Dance : Suitable for activities / games use , speed too fast , dynamic fashion tone
19020F 19005F
19015F 19016F
19014F 19003F
19010F 19018F
19008F 19007F
11013F 19012F
11021F 02017F
19021F 19026F
19027F 19034F
24085F 05080F
Romantic lyric : Suitable for animation / movie advertising use , the speed bias in / slow , heartwarming tone
20025F 20003F
20016F 20011F
20026F 20020F
20001F 20002F
20013F 20032F
11001F 11002F
20022F 12038F
12044F 20049F
20050F 20055F
05075F 05079F
Drma soundtrack : Suitable for animation / film use , the speed bias in / slow , deep rich tone of the picture flu
03042F 03034F
03038F 03019F
03027F 03017F
03022F 04019F
04017F 04018F
04029F 04027F
03035F 12035F
05056F 05059F 
04034F 05077F
03072F 04032F
Ethnic festivals : Suitable for APP / movie soundtrack , speed, diversity, world- music culture
09026F 09033F
09058F 09054F
09074F 09077F
09042F 09046F
09032F 09048F
09053F 09059F
04040F 24088F
09097F 20068F
09107F 09099F
02026F  09094F


* The Company from time to time as market review , please support the

legitimate copyright avoid misappropriation of breaking the law

* Online audition for the low bit rate version of the original file for better quality

audio files

* Classical music is not wholly due to the extensive number of shelves, and if

necessary other tracks please email inquiry


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