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Hunting on Monday (30S) 041413 Ethnic Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:34
Hunting on Monday (60S) 041416 Ethnic Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 01:03
Hunting on Monday (F) 04141F Ethnic Percussion US.41 US.82 02:32
In flight (30S) 041383 Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:33
In flight (60S) 041386 Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 01:02
In flight (F) 04138F Percussion US.41 US.82 02:36
Kill Bill (30S) 041373 Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:34
Kill Bill (60S) 041376 Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 01:03
Kill Bill (F) 04137F Percussion US.41 US.82 02:28
Breaking the iron (30S) 041363 Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:31
Breaking the iron (60S) 041366 Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 00:59
Breaking the iron (F) 04136F Percussion US.39.36 US.78.72 02:23
Every second counts (30S) 041353 Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:31
Every second counts (60S) 041356 Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 00:58
Every second counts (F) 04135F Percussion US.36.08 US.72.16 02:18
Instantly killing (30S) 041343 Ethnic Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:30
Instantly killing (60S) 041346 Ethnic Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 01:02
Instantly killing (F) 04134F Ethnic Percussion US.39.36 US.78.72 02:22
Run and kill (30S) 041323 Percussion US.14.76 US.29.52 00:29
Run and kill (60S) 041326 Percussion US.21.32 US.42.64 01:04
Run and kill (F) 04132F Percussion US.41 US.82 02:23
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